Recap: January 2017

Whether you were there or not, here is a recap of our January 2017 meeting, and a preview of our next one.

Our January meeting was a great start to the year, with a good turnout and at least one new face. ūüôā

Following our traditional round-the-room introductions, Jonathan Wainwright talked about Localisation (or l10n for those already familiar). Like all good talks, there was a great discussion afterwards.

After a short break¬†Andrew Donaldson¬†led a discussion on how we can evolve our meetings. This was intended to just be a call for more organisers stewards (which still stands ‚Äď if you’re interested let us know), but expanded into a round table discussion on what people want Code Cumbria to be. This is too expansive a topic to summarise, so you can read detailed notes here.

Following that discussion we decided on a theme for our next meeting:

Making our own games

As well as an open call for talks on this theme, we will try out mob programming/blind learning: we’ll split into some groups (one laptop each) and try out a game development environment (e.g., Construct 2 (Free Edition), GameMaker Studio Free, or Unity (Personal)) from installation through to (hopefully) a working game!

Our next meeting is on February 22nd 2017 ‚Äď we’ll post more details soon ‚Ästand we look forward to seeing you there!

In between meetings you will always find us on Slack:

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