June 2019 - Lambda, Docker, and more...

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash.

Our next event will be held on Wednesday June 26th, again hosted by The Guild at their amazing co-working space.

We have a few talks lined up:

  • “A gentle introduction to AWS Lambda: A performant if suboptimal example” by Andew Donaldson
  • “Introduction to Docker” by David Murphy
  • Project Showcase: a demonstration of projects our members have been working on. This will be kicked off by Matthew Proudman, but other attendees are welcome to show off their work too

No need for tickets this time. Doors will be open from 17:30.


Refreshments will be available to purchase through The Guild’s “tuck shop” (cards only), and WiFi will be available.

Until then you should join us on Slack to keep the conversation going.