Recap: May 2019 - Lean Coffee

Our second event of 2019 was once again hosted by our friends at The Guild in Carlisle. As advertised it was a Lean Coffee session. Here are the topic titles we discussed, in order we voted for them:

  • Home Automation: How? What?
  • Is privacy a “luxury good”?1
  • Platform-as-a-Service vs. traditional servers
  • Should exception handling be used for flow control?
  • How to gamify football training?2
  • How to discourage a serial killer!!3
  • Has technology made democracy impossible?
  • Are there too many e-systems in [software] development?

It was a good mix of topics, which generated some good conversations.

Next Event

Our next event will be held on Wednesday June 26th, again hosted by The Guild at their amazing co-working space.

We have a few talks lined up:

  • “A gentle introduction to AWS Lambda: A performant if suboptimal example” by Andew Donaldson
  • “Introduction to Docker” by David Murphy
  • Project Showcase: a demonstration of projects our members have been working on. This will be kicked off by Matthew Proudman, but other attendees are welcome to show off their work too

See you in June!

  1. This got “promoted” in the discussion order as it was a good segue from the previous topic. 

  2. For kids. 

  3. They were referring to their cat and its overdeveloped hunting instinct.