November 2017: Social co-hobbying

Our next meeting will be this Wednesday, the 29th of November and we’ll be trying our spin on Co-working.

Co-working, where individual members of many companies meet up in a shared working space for companionship and coffee.

This month we’ll be trying out Co-hobbying, where Code Cumbrians come together to a shared space for companionship and hacking on personal projects. If you don’t have a personal project, that’s fine, by all means spark up a conversation with someone who does or learn about what others are working on. Maybe you’d like to contribute toward an open source project or even use the time for some focused learning free from distractions of the home.

If anyone has a talk prepared they’d like to perform, by all means come and you will be heard – unless the personal projects are more enticing!


As usual, our event is being hosted by Freerange Industries and takes place at the University of Cumbria’s Carlisle Business Interaction Centre at 4-5 Paternoster Row, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 8TT.

Tea, coffee, sweets and WiFi will be available.

Until then you should join us on Slack to keep the conversation going.