Recap: February 2017

Our February meeting was an amazing experience for everyone who attended. From our first attempts to combine mob programming & blind learning to the first time creating a (working) game for many of us!

We started with our traditional around-the-room introductions, which were welcomed by the several new faces, then we had a quick talk on the Lua scripting language and using it in Roblox.

Next, we split into three teams of four for the main event. Each team grabbed a laptop and dove into the challenge of selecting a games development environment and turning their ideas into reality.

…and this is where things started going wrong! 🙂

Despite initial investigations, it turned out most of the environments **don’t** work on macOS. 🙁 Team Three switched to a Windows laptop, and Team One pushed on with Linux.

Then Team Two discovered they didn’t have a charger for their Windows laptop, so they split between Teams One and Three.

Bring on the games!

However, both remaining teams managed to create a working game by the end of the evening!

Team One used GDevelop to create a side scrolling shooter, which they demonstrated for us.

Team Three used Construct 2 to create an endless runner style trial cycling game that will almost certainly fall foul of some lawyers. See their demo below.

All in all, a great success!

Next meeting: ethical hacking

We settled on the theme of ethical hacking for our next meeting, and so throw open the call for suggestions, talks, and activities. For details on the next meeting soon, but remember to put Wednesday, March 29th in your diaries.

Oh, and if you’re bringing a laptop don’t forget your charger! 😉