Evolving our meetings

At our last meeting Andrew led a discussion on the future of Code Cumbria; what was originally intended to be a call to action to get more stewards soon turned into a round table discussion on what people want Code Cumbria to be. Here are his (edited) notes.

What is Code Cumbria?

  • Community
  • To learn stuff
  • To be visible
  • Grow a scene
  • Social
    • It was noticed that of all the people that could attend, those that do are predominantly the remote workers and the young (highlighting the importance of social for the group)

Talks vs. topics

Ideas for developing Code Cumbria
  • We should focus on topics, not talks
  • Creating talks is proving too difficult
  • Rather than “dredging up” talks each month (which is frustrating for the organisers stewards, and daunting for the members), we should instead focus on topics – be it a 30s intro or a 15min presentation, then the remainder of the meeting will be based around that topic (or topics)
  • In order to set expectations topics will be proposed, discussed and voted on at the end of the (current) meeting
  • This will set a general theme for the next meeting which helps with marketing
  • Essentially our lean coffee style structured discussions distilled and evolved

General ideas

  • Don’t be so anxious about deep dives into tech; we shouldn’t favour the safe/broad topics
  • Consider the group watching of tech videos for discussion after; like a book club but without the requirement of reading a full book!
  • Consider live or recorded presentations from remote speakers with potential for live Q&As after:
    • Technically possible?
    • Worthwhile?
  • Side project show and tell
  • Open ourselves up to more content:
    • Local tech demos for PR
    • vacancies/recruiting
  • Group activities e.g.,explore new topic:
    • Mob programming – more social than everyone on their own device
    • “Blind” learning – no previous knowledge required; we all learn together
  • Fact blast™ – choose a topic, split to research individually or groups, then review as a group to share what we have learnt
  • Consider food/refreshments – sweets, ice cream, pizza, Nandos
    • NB: We are (currently) unfunded so it is not clear how this will work

Do you have any ideas we can try? Get in touch!