Meeting: January 2017

Hello one and all,

I hope you had a merry Christmas and lovely new year. Code Cumbria is back, and takes place this Wednesday, the 25th of January (Burns night).

We’ll be kicking off Code Cumbria with two talks. The first is on the topic of Localisation by Jon Wainwright. As all nerds know, “localisation” is regularly shortened to l10n. Pretty neat, huh? Or P4y n2t h1h as I always say to myself.

After a short break we’ll slow things down a little as Andrew Donaldson talks to us about the subtle behavioural engineering at work in Stardew Valley.

We’ll then tackle the hard issues of the month with some Lean Coffee.

As usual in the downtime between meets you can have a bit of a gas on the Code Cumbria Slack. Not yet a member? Grab yourself an invite here.

Look forward to seeing you,

Andrew, David, Hannah and Jack